Matsyagundam, Araku Valley Overview

Fondly referred to as the fish pool, Matsyagundam, located near Paderu, boasts a diverse range of fish species and houses the ancient Sri Matsyalingeshwara Swamy Temple. With its tremendous potential for tourism, this stream is surrounded by fascinating folklore, adding to its charm.

According to the local belief, a massive conflict took place between Singarajulu (snakes) and Matsyarajulu (fish) at a place called Gemmili. The Mother Fish intervened, rescuing all the fishes and bringing them to Matsyagundam. As a result of this legend, the hamlet came to be known as Matsya Gundam. To this day, the natives hold this belief close to heart, refraining from killing or consuming fish.

This intriguing tale and the serene ambiance of Matsyagundam make it an enthralling destination for tourists and nature enthusiasts alike, offering a unique blend of cultural significance and natural beauty.